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Meet Aaron

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Hey there, I’m Aaron, a visual artist and photographer living in Pittsburgh, PA. Creativity in some form has been a huge part of my life over the years. As a teenager, while most of my friends were taking high level science and calculus classes, I was taking as many art classes as possible. I ultimately decided to pursue engineering at the University of Pittsburgh instead of studying art. That was a mistake as I quickly lost interest and decided to start taking more creative based classes again instead. At some point, I decided college wasn’t for me and started working full time, which also meant I stopped being creative. A few years passed and I found myself unhappy and decided to pick up the sketch book again to help balance my mind, body, and soul. The original goal was to practice being creative every day for an entire year and reflect on how it affected my wellbeing. Whether it was a 20-minute doodle session or eventually working on larger paintings or developing a love for photography, that first year was a success and my philosophy has only grown since. After discovering the long-lasting positive effects of creativity, the new goal is to spread the word through my visual art, photography, and newly founded line of apparel.



Visual art was always my first calling. Through the use of colors and my subjects, my love of the beach and the water are instantly recognizable at first glance. That’s the point; it’s my inspiration, it’s my happy place, it’s where I dream of being every day.

While maintaining a coastal vibe, I enjoy taking a graphic approach to my work, some of which take a three-dimensional form. By using a mixture of mediums that include acrylic paint, colored pencils, ink, markers, modeling pastes, and sometimes wood scraps, I create geometric shapes and patterns to form smaller unique works that together form a larger work. These small sections also generate a sense of texture and depth that keeps the eye moving throughout each piece.

I tend to paint on or use any material I have around the studio. Painting on wood panels is always my first choice, but I also I enjoy using wood scraps to build painted sculptural pieces.  Heavy paper or my handmade paper are always other options. I make the thick, textural handmade paper from leftover scraps from my prints. In the future, I hope to move towards a more sustainable way of creating and this is one of the first steps.


In addition to physical art, in 2020 I started learning to use Adobe Illustrator to create digital sketches and designs. These can be found in the DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION section of the website.

Most of my color palettes are inspired by my visits to tropical locations such as Aruba or the Mexican Caribbean.  My dream has always been to live along the beach somewhere and my goal with my work is to remind myself and everyone else of these beautiful places.


Most of my current work can be found in the VISUAL ART section, but you can also schedule a studio visit or catch me at an event.  You can also EMAIL me with any questions as well. Please visit my ETSY SHOP to purchase small goods!

Always looking for something new, I decided to try photography.  Equipped with my first camera, a Nikon D3300 with its kit lens, I set out to learn everything I could about it. Getting the best out of my simple equipment in any situation was vital to me and I quickly passionate about landscape and street photography.  I wanted more though and decided to try weddings and portrait work. 

That was almost 7 years ago. Since then, I have significantly upgraded my gear, I now shoot with 2 Nikon D750 cameras. On average, I try to cover 5-6 weddings per year as well as photo sessions including engagement photos to senior photos. One of my favorite parts of photography is being able to pursue my creativity while having the opportunity to meet and work with new people all the time.

I am currently booking new weddings, engagement sessions, and regular photo sessions. Examples, pricing, and other information can be found in the PHOTOGRAPHY section.


All photography prints as well as a handful of art prints are available for purchase at AARONJOSEPH.SMUGMUG.COM

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for current work and updates about upcoming events.

Please email me with any questions, comments, commission requests, or concerns at AARONJOSEPHSTUDIOS@GMAIL.COM


Thanks for stopping by, I cant wait to hear from you!


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